Our Personal Business Training Service

We work at your side to set your business on the right track.


  • To learn what factors determine your business’ success.
  • To invest your efforts and resources in activities that maximise these success factors.
  • To measure the progress made and, when needed, revise your course of action.

What you get:

  • The identification of your business’ key drivers.
    • what motivates customers to adopt your product,
    • what is needed to acquire more customers, and
    • what ensures your business economic sustainability.
  • A plan of actions to improve on the identified drivers.
  • A set of metrics to measure the progress made through the planned actions.

How it works:

  • Request a personal training session. You will get a reply in 3 working days maximum.
  • Chose a date and time for the session. We will send you a broad range of options.
  • If this is your first session, we will ask you to send us information to create your business’ baseline.
  • Meet your Personal Trainer online for a 90 minutes interactive session.
  • In each session we will:
    • Assess the progress made since the last session, based on your key drivers and metrics.
    • Discuss the results, revising the action plan and analysing the options for improvement.
    • Prepare a new plan for the next iteration of your business.
  • Get the business training session report including:
    • The updated list of key drivers, metrics and measurements.
    • The trainer’s conclusions on progress made and suggested changes for the next iteration.
    • The updated plan of actions.