Shaping ideas for growth

We help innovators and startups to transform ideas into successful products.

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ValueMapp App for iPad

Our App supports the entire ValueMapp process, through easy-to-use and powerful functionalities for developing, managing and assessing business ideas.

  • Free: The free for all version provides the essential functions to describe and manage business ideas.
  • Free for registered users: The fully functional version, including simulation and project sharing tools, is available for free to all users who have registered on
  • Pro: The version for professional users supports unlimited projects and structured data export towards other applications.

ValueMapp Guide Book

The ValueMapp guide book “Shaping Ideas for Growth” introduces the inspiring principles, concepts and operational phases of the ValueMapp process. It is structured as a practical handbook, with detailed explanations and examples for each phase of the process.

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An integrated process. From idea to market and back

ValueMapp helps entrepreneurs, innovation executives and product managers to drive innovation investments towards products that are most likely to make a difference on the market.

We introduce market-related aspects, such as value created for the users and competitors’ positioning, since the early stages of product ideation.

Design your value proposition

ValueMapp enables you to design product ideas and innovation strategies. We provide methods, tools and templates to define your value proposition, your product's key features and barriers, and your strategy to deliver and grow the product on the market.

Quantify your business potential

ValueMapp allows you to evaluate your idea's potential in quantitative terms, assessing the economic viability of your business model. Based on your strategy, ValueMapp simulates the number of customers, revenues and margins in time. The simulation directly produces financial indicators for your business plan.

Validate your business model

New ideas have to be validated and progressively refined to ensure growth on the market. ValueMapp helps startups and established companies to assess and revise their business implementation, by monitoring the customers' response to key product features and strategy decisions.

The Essential Business Model. Test how your business can create value and acquire new customers

ValueMapp is an iterative process, allowing companies to progressively refine the idea, strategy and implementation while doing real business with customers. The goal is to waste as few resources as possible on product features that users do not need or do not want. In line with the "lean startup" principles, ValueMapp helps innovators to verify assumptions in their business model before committing to long-term business plans.

Our Essential Business Model has the purpose to highlight the key assumptions behind a business idea, to validate its economic sustainability.