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  • To assess the potential value of your idea or product.
  • To find out where you stand on the path to grow a sustainable business.

What you get:

  • A clearly formulated value proposition, matching your product with the customer’s needs.
  • A quantitative evaluation of your potential to grow in number of users, revenues and profits.
  • An indication of key issues to be solved for your product to grow on the market

How it works:

  • Send us a free session request. You will get a reply in 3 working days maximum.
  • Chose a date and time for the session. We will send you a broad range of options.
  • Send us a summary, a pitch presentation or any other information you can share on your business idea.
  • Meet us online for a 40 minutes interactive session.
  • Get the results. We will send you our “Assessment Report” by email in 5 working days maximum.