Monthly Archives: December 2014

New version released!

We are pleased to announce the release of ValueMapp version 1.1.

In only few months since ValueMapp launch, this major release introduces significant new features:

Project sharing. Users can now share their business ideas and models with their colleagues and business partners, by simply sending a share invitation to anybody with an email address. Invited users can accept the shared project, view, modify and copy it in ValueMapp.

Business idea templates. Projects can be created starting from a set of templates, including Social Network, Freemium, Open Source and various other business model patterns.

Project backup and download. Users can backup their projects on the ValueMapp cloud, restoring them on the app whenever needed. New templates and examples can be similarly downloaded.
Viral Coefficient. Now the essential business model supports evaluation of businesses that plan to grow virally.

A new version of the book “Shaping Ideas for Growth” has been released, including corrections and a new chapter on viral growth.
A video has been produced to explain ValueMapp in less than 3 minutes. It is available in the app or on youtube:

Thanks to all the ValueMapp users and supporters. Your feedback is essential for us to grow and improve ValueMapp!