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New version released!

We are pleased to announce the release of ValueMapp version 1.1.

In only few months since ValueMapp launch, this major release introduces significant new features:

Project sharing. Users can now share their business ideas and models with their colleagues and business partners, by simply sending a share invitation to anybody with an email address. Invited users can accept the shared project, view, modify and copy it in ValueMapp.

Business idea templates. Projects can be created starting from a set of templates, including Social Network, Freemium, Open Source and various other business model patterns.

Project backup and download. Users can backup their projects on the ValueMapp cloud, restoring them on the app whenever needed. New templates and examples can be similarly downloaded.
Viral Coefficient. Now the essential business model supports evaluation of businesses that plan to grow virally.

A new version of the book “Shaping Ideas for Growth” has been released, including corrections and a new chapter on viral growth.
A video has been produced to explain ValueMapp in less than 3 minutes. It is available in the app or on youtube:

Thanks to all the ValueMapp users and supporters. Your feedback is essential for us to grow and improve ValueMapp!

ValueMapp launched to help the makers of new products

valuemapp_ideacycle_01v01ValueMapp is an integrated process for the development of innovative business ideas. It helps entrepreneurs, innovation managers and product managers to ideate, develop and bring on the market new products. It is based on a guide book, dedicated software tools, on-line training and advice services, all accessible through

We are aware that there are neither shortcuts nor silver bullets for starting an innovative business. A lot of hard, hands-on work is required, and inevitable disappointments must be overcome to bring any new idea on the market. Our work at ValueMapp is to support innovators along this process, helping as best as we can with practical methods and tools.

ValueMapp is based on state-of-the-art approaches, well known methodologies and our practical experience in industry and research projects. It is a value-driven process, relying on the customer’s needs analysis to formulate product ideas and strategies. Our Essential Business Model tool lets users focus on what matters more for an innovative product: how the product can create a positive value exchange with customers and how it can sustain its own growth on the market.

The ValueMapp process relies on fast implementation of business ideas, to learn by direct experience with customers. In line with the “Lean Startup” principles the idea, the strategy and the implementation are progressively refined through validation and revision cycles.

Being ourselves a startup, our goal is to learn by working with the customers to constantly improve ValueMapp. Our tools and documentation are freely available to all, and we will update and extend them taking into account the user’s feedback.

You are welcome to use ValueMapp and we look forward to hear from you!

Paolo Paganelli, CEO Bluegreen Strategy

ValueMapp Bookvaluemapp_book_cover_01v01

The ValueMapp guide book “Shaping Ideas for Growth” introduces the inspiring principles, concepts and operational phases of the ValueMapp process. It is structured as a practical handbook, with detailed explanations and examples for each phase of the process.

ValueMapp App

Our App supports the entire ValueMapp process, through easy-to-use and powerful functionalities for developing, managing and assessing business ideas.

  • Free: The free for all version provides the essential functions to describe and manage business ideas.
  • Free for registered users: The fully functional version, including simulation and analysis tools, is available for free to all users who have registered on
  • Pro: The version for professional users supports unlimited projects and structured data export towards other applications.


ValueMapp Services

We provide a full set of services to support users through the entire idea-to-market process, including:

  • Online training: join our online classes for introduction to the ValueMapp process and for advanced training on the methods and tools used in each phase of the process.
  • Idea assessment: send us your idea for an individual assessment by our team of experts. We will check the product definition, the strategy formulation and the consistency of your business model.
  • Validation and strategy revision: our experts can team up with you and your colleagues to closely support the development of your new business.