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What we can do for you

We are personal business trainers

We will guide you through an iterative process where the goal is to build your product incrementally, not in a single big leap.

The knowledge gained in each iteration is used to improve your product and business model. After sufficient iterations you will have a steadily growing business, generating enough revenues to sustain itself.

  • Ideation: We translate your vision into an actionable value proposition, identifying the target customers, their needs and your product’s key features
  • Strategy: We analyse and evaluate your business model, identifying the key hypotheses on which you plan to grow and make profits.
  • Implementation: We help defining the Minimum Value Product to test your vision and strategy by doing business with real customers.
  • Assessment: We define and apply metrics on the data collected during implementation, to validate your hypotheses.
  • Success: Your business is sustainable, scale it up!

Why us

We have a broad experience on innovation strategy and the lean startup approach, that we have applied to dozens of cases in startups as well as large organisations. To support these approaches, we have developed the ValueMapp methodology and software, used by thousands of professionals worldwide. Our Personal Business Trainers will put this experience and tools at your disposal, offering you a personalised service to transform your new product into a growing business.

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